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Conférences SF2M / SF2M proceedings series

Conférences SF2M / SF2M proceedings series

SF2M, the French Society for Metallurgy and Materials, gathers around 1000 members (from university and industry) and 6 societies (industrial groups or federations). It is a meeting point, for exchanging and working together for all members of a scientific and professional, French and international community in the field of "metallurgy and materials".

What are its missions?

  • contribute to the performance improvement of all its members through information circulation about the progress of Sciences and technological Innovation;
  • contribute to the image improvement for the scientific and technical profession in the field of materials and promote this occupation among young people;
  • represent its members among other scientific associations in France and in foreign countries.

What does SF2M do?

It co-ordinates and manages:

  • the organisation of its scientific and technical committees and working groups meetings.
  • the organisation of national and international congresses and the diffusion of the papers which are presented;
  • the information of its members through the SF2M info bulletin distributed every month;
  • the edition of a yearbook which is updated and distributed every year to all its members;
  • the maintenance and updating of its web site with:
    • information on the association and committees' actions,
    • materials data,
    • information on French laboratories and on competences in the field of materials,
    • papers from the presentation at the various SF2M congress,
    • links with other associations and organisations, jobs and thesis proposals.
  • the development of partnership actions with sister associations in France or in Foreign countries (SFP, SFC, A3TS, ASM, TMS, DGM, SVMT, AIM etc…)

It is a founding member of the "Fédération Française des Matériaux" (FFM), of "Groupe d'Action pour la Physique" (G2P) and of the Federation of European Materials Societies (FEMS).

How to participate?

You are welcomed in:

  • participating in the activity of its thematic committees and its regional sections or its working groups;
  • proposing to start new groups or new committees;
  • proposing the organisation of meetings and events under the cover of SF2M;
  • becoming an active member of its institutional organization.